"I have attended four Healing the Family and Ancestors workshops with Jill Purce and was astounded by what happened. Jill is truly one of the Wise Women of our age and it is a privilege to be able to spend the time with her. As a result of her ability to assist each of us to tap into the energy field of our families, miracles occur during and after the workshop. This is an unmissable opportunity to create healing in our lives and in the lives of our family."
Victoria Watson
"It is a privilege and an honour for me to be part of this amazing process and I thank you for holding the space with your strength, your presence and your powerful feminine energy and for allowing the magic to unfold with simplicity and grace."
"I found the ancestor healing workshop at Hollyhock absolutely astonishing and magical."
"I have tried to think of the words to write to you to show appreciation for what you do and how you have helped me move forward another step in my life. Not sure why it isn't easy to express. I know i feel balanced with my feelings for my sister's death. I think the passing of my sister, mother and also my father are equal and balanced."
"I'm not sure how to articulate the change that has occurred in me over this past week. . . it feels like an internal fog has miraculously dissolved to reveal something that I believed was irretrievable. I am very excited to have started this work with you. Your work is doing amazing things for my family. I don't know if it is possible to thank you enough for these gifts!"
"I had an incredible time. It helped me think and feel about things in a new and revealing way. I will definitely be back for more!"
"Thank you again for wonderful week it was lovely to go deeper with my work and witness other people work!"
"I thought it was beyond amazing – I'm still thinking about it! I realise I need to be much more specific next time. The drama and the humour and the catharsis for people make the whole thing riveting to watch as well as taking part, there can't be anyone else doing anything quite like it!"
"Thank you again for the magical week. The more time elapses, the more dreamlike the week becomes. And yet the"crack in time" hasn't lost any of its force or oracular palpability. I have noticed some changes since returning to Dublin, both internal and external. Plenty of dreams, ceremonious and cryptic and colourful."
"Just wanted to say what an amazing experience the Healing the Ancestors week was. On the journey back to Dublin I could feel my heart expanding with love for Ireland it felt physical. Such joy to be returning – it was as if there were empty spaces all throughout my body and as I was arriving my body felt like a vacuum drinking it all in – filling me up with Ireland. Coming in to Dublin I felt as if I was looking at her with many eyes that had not seen her for a long time – drinking her in."
"Thank you for this great work! I continue to be amazed by it and how it works on both a personal and collective level. Aside from the great healing and changes it has made possible for me, I really value having these opportunities to work in a group (it's so interesting), especially in the supportive and caring environment you provide."
"I found the WAY OF & content of the course and maybe more importantly How you GUIDED WHAT FLOWED Very re-vealing AND DEEP = & the repercussions/ringlets from the time are subtle but there – only for me to be grateful and to recognise changes in all relationships- Thank you !"
"I loved the way you led the work – your wisdom, love and assurance that was firm but not bossy. It was fascinating to see what arose in a family's field and how it could be resolved despite the stuckness and traumas. The frequent tears were peaceful and joyful and healing. It was a privilege to be able to help by taking the part of other people's family members. The day after we did the work on my family, my sister dreamed about Skype-ing me with her mobile and computer and that I reached out and hugged her through the computer! I have also felt more relaxed with and forgiving towards my father. I am still doing the overtone chanting daily."
"I just wanted to write and thank you so much for the work we did at the Family week – the space you held was so strong and allowed me to go very deep in letting go, and I am definitely feeling the results of that. I feel like some stagnant block in my foundation was removed, and other random debris and energy and fragments of irrelevant identity have been washing away along with it ever since. Thank you for your compassion, patience and deep insight... my work with you has really allowed me to begin my next chapter in the UK on a new page."
"Thank you again for a week of great depth, beauty and transformation. I am feeling much quieter in my soul, feeling as if my mother and her mother, long dead, are more at peace after having given them attention and love. There is an sort of white and angelic light hovering over where I visualise them. The main thing I experience is a benign energy. My husband and I are much more connected with love and compassion than before. There has always been much questioning, conflict and reactivity between us. but I feel something is more resolved now. Thank you Jill so much."
"THANK YOU for the wonderful healing. After having worked on various varieties of my family with you over the years, as you know this one was more about the discord for my mother within her family as opposed to my issues with whomever. I joined the group because I am spending a lot of time with my mother who is now 87 and have been finding the anger that fuels some of her behaviour difficult to be around. WOW...........Chapeau as always."
"We had an amazing week! I started my working week surprisingly refreshed after sleeping most my flight home to California. I have a sense that I may be going through some sort of metamorphosis, but I can't yet see its nature. In the meantime, thanks again for a most memorable experience over the Summer Solstice Week."
"I had a really good time on the workshop and loved every day of it and the experiences it brought. And I marvel at your dexterity and ability to master-mind everything so smoothly and superbly and deal with the problems that presented themselves. If I could, I would make it my business to attend every workshop you hold. Jill is da bomb! I love you."
"Thanks Jill- Once again with gratitude I honour you."
"The work we did together was profound and deep beyond my imagination or expectation and I salute you for your guidance and leadership and wisdom of a very direct and down to earth nature in creating and sustaining the magical field we worked in all week."
"I am FULL of contentment about the week just passed, and FULL of gratitude and appreciation to you."
"The week was an extraordinary experience and things already seem to have shifted in the family!"
"The week was such an amazing experience and is such a miraculous vehicle of teaching its beyond words."
"I have undergone such a profound awakening I needed to be at home with the spirit of Erin to allow me to earth after the lightning strike. Maybe we could talk soon as I know that you are very important part of my life now... God bless and a million thanks."
"I wanted to say how amazing I thought the work was. I feel so much more grounded and able to be comfortable with not speaking rather than rushing in to fill the silence with some mindless chatter. Thank you so much though. I had a really wonderful week with like-minded people. I've never felt so safe in a group of people which is definitely down to you so thank you."
"I arrived today morning in Brazil. I brought with me all the teachings that I have learned with you and also the deep experience of the Intensive week. Thank you very much!"
"Thank you so much for such an amazing week, I think it was probably one of the most pivotal weeks of my life. I feel that, not only have I cleared a lot of baggage that was holding me back, these last two courses with you, but also feel so much clearer and generally much lighter altogether. ... I have never been so in touch with my feelings as of last week, as my head normally gets in the way. I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful teachings and your Wisdom and Presence and I am so glad I have found you again. What you are teaching is exactly what I need at this time in my life I am sure, and I really don't want to miss too much of the tremendous opportunities for growth that you are offering."
"What an amazing week. The whole week's workings and my session was so brilliant and I feel such relief having properly honoured my ancestors so that they can rest in the knowledge they have not been forgotten. It was remarkable to watch the unfoldings in mine and everyone's central work and truly life changing. I and many others discussed how brilliant your work is."
"Thank you for the wonderful week. For the joy, the healing and the chance to pay attention. For the group. For your patience. For the Story."
"I'm filled with words and none of them feel sufficient to express my thanks and gratitude. The words only dilute it. I thank you for the healing you gave me as we spoke upon parting ways."
"I is an extraordinary process both to go through and to witness/participate in the other families of the group. Personally it was the first time I saw/felt the importance/significance of not knowing anything about my grandparents....I know this has started something for me that will continue. I thought everyone contributed beautifully to each others' stories. I have friends for whom this healing journey would be vital so I will tell them. Many thanks for an amazing experience."
"It was wonderful work. I now feel stronger, more secure and more supple mentally and physically. It is such a relief that the clamour of inner, censorious voices – so judgmental of me and others -have stilled. I feel accepted and more able to accept. And to continue to work on the insights gained. I particularly appreciate the fact that there is nothing of the sudden conversion about this, just a new perspective which can be gently explored. I was fascinated and delighted by the way that this kind of work on the family took account of social and economic factors and historical events. So unlike psychoanalysis / therapy, which I found so frustrating because they do not. On top of the extraordinary personal gain, I also feel that I have deepened my understanding of history, especially of war and displacement in the 20th century."
"I can feel the w/e still working inside my sister and I and can feel changes deep inside me, it feels as if the blood in my veins is thicker or more full of oxygen or something – love? – compassion? – a deeper wakefulness? I don't know but it is a strong sensation and fills me with joy – even the air I breathe feels denser. We are so indebted to you and to find a teacher that fits both of us is astounding and wonderful. I will e-mail the minute I get confirmation of Glastonbury. We both agree that we want to be there together."
"The Workshop was a revelation and full of surprises, healing, warmth and support."
"I loved the work that we did at Hollyhock, and found the form of the ritual containers very powerful. I spoke with my mother on the phone the day after the workshop, briefly, and she just had to tell me how extraordinarily well she has been feeling, which was a big change from spending two weeks with her."
"What I found so extraordinary about the workshop was how bonded we all felt by the end of it. You could feel that people didn't want to leave each other and for several days afterward, I had a feeling of closeness with others, really being known, and a feeling of deep peace and happiness. I've done a lot of workshops over the years and this feeling was extraordinary. You created a container where deep work could happen both consciously and unconsciously. That's no small thing and is, I believe, a testimony to your incredible gifts, experience, and breadth of understanding. So thank you very much for all you did and all you do. I appreciate it more than you know. I would really love to come and do the Beltane ritual with you. It sounds fabulous. I'm definitely keeping in mind."
"I love your work and YOU! Thank you so much. I am still digesting and integrating what we have done."
"It was a marvellous week, amazing and deep working...Your family work was new for me. Although I know constellations, I love the way you do the work, all the ritual and the"frame" the family work is done in. I loved the extreme respect from everyone to everyone.... I also understood things about myself and my ancestors in the way things happend in the circle As you say.,..big complexities interconnecting."
"It was a pleasure to be in UK and with you and the group. It continues to be a very profound experience for me. The 1st week back in the US I just kept seeing and hearing each individual member. It took me awhile to absorb and process the work. It has had profound effect in seeing the improtance of connecting with my ancestors and why it is so important for others. I feel my life has changed and feel my intuitive abilities and sensing of others, the environment around me and the world has expanded. I am very grateful for your guidance and leadership and your depth of knowing and using your skills as you do. Peace and blessings to you."
"I am so glad to have been introduced to the interweaving of family, like beautiful, complex, geometrical patterns. When I look at people now I see multi-faceted, interrelated communities, not individuals at all. And feel that about myself."
"I found the week to be very powerful. I'm still 'coming down from it' with some amazing dreams."
"Thank you Jill for your amazing work and an amazing week. You are a super Shaman! I am still resonating with all that I learned and witnessed last week."
"Well this was an experience particularly as I have not participted in any other workshops of this kind. I'm glad I came. Thank you very much for demonstrating how the sins of the father are visited on successive generations."
"it was a wonderful week for me and It has given me more of the things I'm looking for in the last years....especially to be centered, and to say"yes" to everything just as it is. It was a space and time full of magic, sacred, wisdom and truth. I'm still in a kind of"turning head" after so deep and intense experience."
"I want to start by thanking you for the week we have just experienced. I grew a lot and will have to take time to absorb it all, but the immediate effects were startling in themselves. I observed a vast change in myself and a deepening awareness as the week progressed."
"Wow. That was powerful. Let's hope that the effects ripple out to the family, asap and me!! I think that poss it has had an effect on me physically, in that my stomach is sore, so I don't want to eat much, nor touch a drop of alcohol! I am sure that will pass, sadly."
"I want to express my thanks for such a fantastic (and fantastical ! ) couple of days. I feel that I did some profound work and went on a great and transforming journey. I am so pleased to have met you AT Last !"
"The work was for me a WONDERful time of learning. I was pleased to observe what my mind was doing and delighted at how easy and natural it all felt. At the same time I was surprised to know that the past had truly changed Fantastic! THANK YOU for making it so. I am also grateful to the other people who joined in and made it all possible. I feel very fortunate to have been included."
"I am deeply moved about the experience of this workshop. A short glimpse out of the everyday life into a network of helpful beings which offers its aid, if we are willing to ask for it. This kind of inkling also appeared in the previous workshops under your blessed guidance. I thank you for your wonderful and loving work, your ability to accept every member in the same balanced way. I wish you all the blessing for your wonderful work."
"The week: amazing... As usual, would I say, except that something happened, seemingly beyond the limits of amazement and verbalisation. Thank you, Jill."
"I have been in heaven since our workshop with you, and I know Jim shares this feeling. Somehow, I have been able to keep the sense of wonderment and gratitude that you unfolded for all of us. The feeling of an overwhelming beauty quite unlike everything else. To see you at work, and participate in the field you so masterfully bring to presence, is one of the great experiences I've had in this world. I have attended a few wonderful workshops in my life, but never went to one that responded so fully to the deep needs of the soul. And you did it with such grace, and fun and humour. it is all so down to earth. so"real" as they say here in NY."
"Such a wondrous ceremony, yours is an uplifting, generous and beautiful vision – with all who come, 'open hogan' as it is said. So many, many thanks for sharing the 'dance', with the welcome into the sacred space you create so well, and for holding the moment – of tears, of laughter, the silence and the call of how it is."
"The spiritual intensity and profound emotion of the three days of your course was an incredible experience for me. I had no pre-conceived ideas and came with a completely open mind. The shamanic day was a vital prelude. Experiencing the four 'parts' were essential to the whole. I felt I could have absolute trust and faith. My own family healing came before I had fully witnessed and understood the process. I still learnt a lot, but wasn't fully focused. Experiencing the other family healings was easily the most valuable as there were so many resonances I could relate to in my own experiences. I was amazed at the way your physical presence flowed and appeared to be omni-present as you absorbed and reflected all that was going on. At the end of the last session I felt replete. I had taken so much into my being in the three day course I couldn't possibly take any more. I am left with so many resonances, an immense store of ideas and emotions that will I will savour for a long long time. Spiritually I feel so joyful my friends think I have fallen in love! My daughter phoned to talk to me on Tuesday evening. Usually I am the one to phone, and I talk to the grandchildren as she is not available so it looks like miracles are afoot already!"
"Thank you.....MIRACLE happened since I wrote to you Jill I can't thank you enough ... I have been sending my blessings to you for a good health and spirit ....you are indeed doing a wonderful wonderful job of healing the wounded souls........I have been feeling strange (good strange ) since this morning .. it feels like I got a new life ..."
"The most extraordinary healing process has happened in my family since the workshop we did with you. Your work has really transformed my life. Thank you."
"Yes, I feel very blessed to have my husband, Joseph there with us. It was for sure an incredible experience for him as well, and he even commented it was the best workshop he's ever been to and that he felt he really got his money's worth. Last night we went to our weekly theosophical gathering, and someone commented to him,"You look so different, what did you do? You look so much younger." You can imagine how he felt he felt hearing that. The workshop was a big success for both of us."
"I found the retreat stunning as always. Such an immense gift."
"Thank you for a wonderful week. Impossible to describe to anyone who wasn't there but I would recommend it to anyone."
"What an incredible week we had! I definitely was in an altered state of consciousness and am still integrating. What amazing work we did. Thank you for the incredible experience. I certainly didn't expect such deep transformational work. we feel as if we are definitely in a different place than before."
"I had to hit the other world running when we got back and this is the first evening I've been at home. I refuse to call this the real world as there was nothing more real than the magic woven last week. I must honour you as the magician that knew how to achieve that. I am an optimist by nature but have a 'natural' scepticism that I would not have believed could have been so easily overwhelmed by the forces of alchemy. I feel privileged to have been part of it. I cannot thank you enough for making me feel so safe to tell of my hurting."
"The week was simply amazing – particularly in view of what transpired between John and me."
"What a truly magnanimous and magnificent job you did with each and every person. I never for a moment felt afraid that it wouldn't work out in any of the constellations. I had total confidence in you and your vision and your sensitivity. It is truly an amazing experience to observe and to be a part of."
"Thanks for an amazing week. It was a totally delicious experience. I've had a shift on a deep cellular level and it is quite wonderful! Thank you so much! We decided that we would like you to be the celebrant for the wedding if you were able to do it!"
"Thank you so much for this family work which is so powerful and such a relief. I appreciate a lot your profound work taking into account the whole family and the ancestors. As I have never known my grand parents nor some other relatives (who died early) I thought I could forget them. You are teaching me to honor and to integrate them in the family."
"I came home feeling very positive about my session and the situation and the future. I have been blown away by the work we all did, by all the pain and heartache. And by the visible release of said pain etc. and by the way this works on ourselves whilst being another person."
"Just a quick note to thank you for enabling the work that happened last week! As I said to you in person, I really feel 'at peace with my family' now – something I could not imagine before, I also feel like 'I don't need to do anything' – a major, amazing place to be after feeling so responsible for so long. I am sure that layers will continue to emerge which will make me realise these insights over and over again in future, but it really felt like something hugely significant happened last week. I look forward with excitement to see what will now emerge in life."
"I wanted to write and express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the way you gave of yourself so generously while working with us collectively and individually. It is really very remarkable how you are able to hold the situation so very fully and completely. Remarkable also the way you so readily see the connecting threads and thus bring the light of consciousness. THANK-YOU!!"
"PHEW! What a week. Thank you very much. There are so many things running through my mind now. It will take a while for it to sink in but the seeds are sown and I imagine time is most of what is needed for them to germinate now. I felt rather melancholy for some reason but think it is mostly with having to say goodbye to everyone. Such a lovely community to be within. That or actually being a bit homesick....I do like it here with my own little tribe."
"I am really happy that I took part, I felt strangely very relaxed even though it was so emotional and intense for me (and everyone), I felt like that was the first time in a long time that I felt relaxed, a kind of release, letting go. Oh God it was so revelatory for me, things I felt I knew and was holding onto/back from them. I think there is more work. But I feel lighter and the experience has given me a map, a guide to refer to, and also made me feel alot more secure, safe and positive."
"Thank you so much for the week-end. It was powerful and moving and deeply cathartic, and I hope to attend many more of these events."
"I found this really, really powerful and was shocked when I saw the time! the energy was really strong and trusting utterly amazing."
"I want to say it was a truly amazing experience. I've been very evangelical about the workshop to everyone here at work. I was thinking of booking my friend on the course as a 30th birthday present."
"Thank you again, dear Jill, for the inspiring, transforming, enlivening days, for which you called the blessing of the spirits down to us. Yes, this connecting of past, presence and future within the structure of a family, learning to accept even the most frightening and painful biography as the gift of the spirits of highest wisdom to form the one which I am in my innermost – this is an overwhelming experience. It still swings in me, and I hold it gratefully. I wonder how deep this transformation penetrates within the layers of the onion. How often has this process to be repeated? But what I experienced clearly: There was such a difference between now and the workshop of the last year. So something essential must have happened."
"I feel privileged to have been a part of the recent Weeklong. I loved the location and I loved the group! I also felt safe working with you. The part that was so utterly powerful for me was the Shamanic force or direction I felt when our voices resounded in the chant around the circle and when certain rituals and movements were performed by you. I believe these sounds and rituals reside deep in the soul memory from times when we were part of indigenous tribes. In our modern busy lives we rarely experience the presence of the numinous. I believe we hunger for this felt-experience of the numinous. I also believe we human beings get so far away from the things that matter, like love and fire and tears and wild celebration. We are drawn to it in various forms of art and music and dance but all too frequently as observers. In your workshops I've had the chance to feel those things in my entire being. Such an experience is naturally growthful and transformational and permanent. Many Thanks for the incredible work you do!"
"Thanks to you Jill, the course was a real revelation."
"Thank you for such a wonderful workshop. I'm still wrapped up in a comforting bubble of love & new revelations are still filtering through. The workshop was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I have been on quite a few workshops and felt that I had cleared all the 'easy' stuff and anything left would be very difficult to shift. As a result of this exercise I feel genuine love and compassion for my father instead of resentment and bitterness, I understand my mother a great deal better. I also feel a sense that my family is not unique in having issues and that my family is a member of the family of families called humanity all striving to come to terms with their lives."
"It was a profound experience for me and the healing in both the Psyche of the individual and of this planetary human accumulated baggage, will I am sure achieve all that the creator planned. I became aware of so much going on in the room mentally, physically, psychically, spiritually, and was aware of the vibration, resonance that was required with each note of each individual present. It was an honour to be present and I thank you for the sacred space. I felt quite bereft when I left. I see the faces of people who attended and get sense of wonder at the precision and beauty of Life."
"I want to thank you for the outrageously fantastic Healing the Ancestors and Family workshop we just did. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever taken part in, especially the last day on solstice, where I couldn't believe how many, many old layers and levels were being cleared and healed and released. It seemed as if each constellation spread out and reached so far and wide, for all participants and beyond, to ones not even connected blood-wise but to the events themselves – I have never witnessed such a thing before. It was a very special thing indeed and I feel so grateful to have been able to be part of it. I still feel amazing, with radiant love and joy all around Thanks again for all the truly wondrous gifts and blessings that were bestowed on us all during the last few days. I keep feeling so great I think I'm going to burst!"
"I have noticed many differences in myself........... I feel a lot calmer, which seems to give me an inner strength that somehow"everything will be all right" which has brought an element of peace to me. However the 'slight' negativity keeps saying"please let this new attitude in me last forever". On the"negativity" front, I have to say that I definitely notice I approach things with a much more positive, up beat manner and I genuinely (almost) do not have any negative feelings (if that makes sense?). The calmness I have developed has also enhanced my relationship with my six year old daughter Amber, as I am more patient with her and I do not feel the necessity to lose my temper as easily as I would have before. The other thing I am really pleased about, as it has burdened me for a long time, is that I can look at myself in the mirror and no longer feel disgust, shame, pity or critical. This is a huge relief as I can have respect for myself which makes me want to take better care of myself. Thank you for my realised revelations. You are a very special person and it was a pleasure to experience something so strange on one level but so enlightening on another."
"Quite a lot has happened after the workshops and still keeps growing. I've never felt like this in my life before. I feel like I might take-off!"
"I'm very grateful to the Universe for guiding me to your workshops. I love the shamanic way of working, your way of working. It was fascinating to see the different layers you were guided to focus on in different families. My own family unwinding was affirming and empowering. I was relieved not to have explored the smaller and the darker elements. I was able to acknowledge my healing vocation as a compulsion and a burden, to lay it down, then later to take it up again as a choice."
"The workshop was really a marvellous experience for me and not just in terms of the work that I did with my own family. I felt there were shifts every time someone went into the circle and we worked together. I feel very blessed to have been part of it. Personally I came away with a real sense of what my place is in the world and why I'm here this time round. I see my family very much the epitomy of reconciliation."
"I want to thank you so much I knew I had to do this work but had not found a teacher who was right or who would understand what was going on for me. I felt that many of the healings were like beautiful dances and my psychic vision of what was going on gave me many moments of wonder. I love this work so much – it is so necessary – if you ever need a volunteer to help out please consider me – I would consider it such an honour to serve."
"I cannot bless you enough, what you are giving us is beyond price."
"Thank you for your inspired work which has put hope back into my life and given me a spring in my step where life had felt heavy."
"I am eternally grateful for your gift of the most profound experience of my life."
"The workshop was one of the post powerful experience amongst all the workshops that I have attended over the last couple of years. I was astounded at efficacy and power of the process you use, providing almost immediate relief and answers for long standing problems. In my case certainly."
"Thank you so very much. I was totally in awe of you. You have such amazing gifts which I was privileged to have had you share with me."
"Thanks for your amazing workshop and your perception. I don't think I've had quite such an intense experience with anything I've done before."
"I am so respectful of the way in which you work. It is an inspiration and I am privileged to know you. Thank-you for being you and thank-you for helping me."
"Is it really only 2 weeks since meeting – I wonder if this is because of the timeless quality of the experience. I have felt different ever since, and wonder if this slight but more and more tangible sense of inner strength, lightness, confidence and wellbeing is a result of having visited that space with people. and of course, my wish. I feel I am coming home to myself."
"Thank you for leading/facilitating such an amazing experience. I am still processing a lot of it. The level of acceptance, support, and unconditional love displayed by everyone who participated was truly phenomenal. I would recommend the experience to anyone, and can think of many friends who would benefit."
Maree Lee
"Thank you for being there in Scotland for us all. I enjoyed it so much and so fascinated by the dynamics of it."
"The process lifted a huge big weight off me and I was very surprised at the way it all turned out; not at all what I had expected to find or where I had expected to look. I'll be back for more as another layer of the onion readies itself to be peeled away. I was greatly moved by the courage and integrity with which everybody worked on each other's constellation and with which they faced up to their own story. It was wonderful for me to feel so safe and supported within the group."
"Thank you Jill. It was wondrous to work with you at last and I hope, and wish, that this is the beginning of my learning with you. I had an epiphany on the Friday night."
"It helped, coming to the family ritual. Things have shifted, seem easier, less opposition, that's it, less ominous force working against anything I try to do.. and I feel more centered in my body and my power, little shifts and gifts. The work you do is very healing, amazing. Really a master. It is your wisdom and compassion which guides us through the ritual. Thank you."

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