Jill Purce

Liberation Through the Ecstasy of Chant

An uplifting exploration of transformative breathing, chanting, mantra and sonic meditations, sacred chants, healing, shamanic ceremony and sonorous dream work. We learn and practice Mongolian overtone chanting, an ethereal and powerfully meditative vocal yoga which transforms our voices into rainbows of sound and light. We experience vocal purifications and ways to set parts of the body into resonance, cleanse and tune the chakras, and learn sonorous massage. We will do a healing ceremony, a powerful sonorous ritual to safely give up and purify redundant parts of ourselves and be honoured in the fullness of our potential as luminous human beings.

Working with the voice in this way empowers our lives, balances our mind and body, frees our voice, bringing physical health, emotional joy and spiritual ecstasy.

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Healing Voice Weekends — London

See schedule below for dates and pricing

Sessions last from 10:00 am – 5:30 or 6:00 pm
Most weekend workshops take place at 20 Willow Rd, London NW3 1TJ, directly opposite the 1000 acres of Hampstead Heath. It's a six minute walk from either:
Hampstead - Edgware branch of Northern Line tube
Hampstead Heath - on Overground railway

Non-residential. Suggestions for inexpensive accommodation is available on booking.

Healing Voice Beltane Weekend — Near Glastonbury

April 24th - 26th, POSTPONED

The Beltane weekend is set in the heart of the beautiful Somerset countryside near Glastonbury (the mystical and ancient centre of Britain) in a breathtaking valley nestling between two sacred hills.

£...   Fully Residential, shared room & gourmet vegetarian
£...   Great camping, including all meals
£...   Non-residential, including lunch (dinner £... per night)

As this independent weekend workshop is also the first two days of the annual residential week intensive, accommodation priority is given to those people wanting to do the whole week. There is no such limitation for those wanting to camp or find their own accommodation.

Healing Voice Weekend — Rowe Conference Center


A wonderful location in Western Massachusetts, folded into the slope of gentle mountains at the edge of an old New England village amidst the famous and glorious Autumn colours.

$ Varies

Intense weekend to discover your voice, learn overtone chanting, mantra, purification and healing chant, sonorous dream work and healing ceremony with the world's pioneer of sound healing.

Workshop Schedule
Because of covid-19 Jill is working online for now.

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Date Location Title
20240519 2024 May 18-19 ONLINE Healing Voice Workshop Register external.png
20240614 2024 June 14-16 ONLINE Family Constellation Workshop Register external.png
20241108 2024 November 2-8 United Kingdom London, UK Family Constellations Samhain Week Register external.png
20240731 2024 July 26 - 31 Canada Hollyhock, Canada Family Constellations 5 Day Register external.png

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