Selected Interviews

Jill on the cover of Future Forum, 1983

Healing Patterns From the Past
Interview with Hugo Davenport, Resurgence & Ecologist, March/April 2016

The Enchantress
Interview with Alan Franks, The Times - London, Magazine, December 14 1996

The Unbelievable Resonance of Being
Interview with Keith Clarke, The Singer, Vol 3 No. 1, London, Feb/Mar 1995

En-Chanting The World (PDF)
The Healing Magic of Vocal Harmonics, Interview with Tamara Watson, Spa Asia, Sept/October 2007

The Power of the Voice
Interview with David Brown, Mavericks of the Mind, Thought Provoking Interviews on Consciousness

Entretien Avec Une Magicienne Du Son
Interview with Patrice van Eersel, Nouvelles Clés, Nov/Dec 1992

Les Âmes Qui Chantent S'Eveillent en Group
Interview with Patrice van Eersel, Nouvelles Clés, Winter 2003-4

More Interviews

Interview with Karlheinz Stockhausen I, II, III
Sound International 1, Oct, Nov, Dec 1978, Editor: Richard Elen, Link House Group, Dingwall Ave, Croydon CR9 2TA, UK

Message to Japan
Object Magazine YU, Kowsakusha + Forum International, Tokyo, Japan 1983

In Search for Meaning and Spiritual Roots
Future Forum, 1983

The Sound of Serenity
Interview with Ruth Gorb, Hampstead & Highgate Express, April 6th 1984, London, UK

Universal Chants
Interview with Sheila Hale, Harpers & Queen, Feb 1985, 72 Broadwick St, W1V 2RP, London, UK

La Secundo Voz, El "Canto Armonico", importante regenerador personal
By Richard Belfer, Integral vol 79, Spain

with Tony Parsons, Kindred Spirit, Totnes, Devon, Summer 1988

Chants Would be a Fine Thing
Interview with Pamela Nowicka, The Independent, August 22nd 1988, London, UK

Sound Therapy
Natural Choice Magazine, 1989, Orbis Publishing Limited, Griffin House, 161 Hammersmith Road, London W6

Getting Those Good Vibrations
Interview with Polly Samson, The Observer, Sun 7 May 1989

Conversation with Stockhausen on Sirius
Towards a Cosmic Music by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Element Books, 1989, (reprinted from Sound International 1978)

The Healing Hum
Interview with Angus McGill, Evening Standard, Tuesday February 20 1990

Something to Really Sing About
Heathman, Ham and High, May 4 1990, London, UK

Sound in Mind and Body
Interview with Ann Sinnot, Holistic Health Matters, Camden New Journal, 1 November 1990, London, UK

Hymäily Vapauttaa, (Healing Sound)
Interview with Richard Burton, Voi Hyvin, Helsinki, Finland, Jan 1991

Duet For One
Interview with Stephen Jarvis, City Limits, January 31 - February 7 1991, London

Resonant Sound, An interview with Jill Purce, Woman of Mystical Sound
By Sw. Virato, New Frontier Magazine, April May 1991, USA

The Healing Voice
Interview with Robert March, The Sun, Sept, 1992, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Soul Music
By Barbara Griggs, Country Living, December 1992, London UK

Entretien Avec Une Magicienne Du Son
Interview with Patrice van Eersel, Nouvelles Clès, Nov/Dec 1992

Boventoonzingen: Therapie en Gewoon Leuk!
EGO 2000, Amsterdam ND February 1993

Sacred Sound
Interview with Emily Hynes, Rainbow Ark April -July 1993

Re-Enchanting The World
Interview with Richard Beaumont, Kindred Spirit, Totnes, Devon, UK Summer 1993

Hear My Song
Interview with Dee Pilgrim, Miss London, 15 November 1993, UK

Overtone Chanting
by Stephen Jarvis, Reprint of Duet for One, City Limits, Jan- Feb 1991, In The Bizarre Leisure Book, Stephen Jarvis, Robson Books, London 1993

Een Tibetaanse Manier Om Emotionele Blokkades Op Te Heffen
Interview with Leen Lampo, Fit & Gezond, Brussels, Belgium, March 1994

Heavenly Overtones
Interview by Dolly Dhingra, The Independent, Thursday 12 May 1994

Lydterapeuten Som Viser Oss Sjelen Var
Interview with Bodil Fuhr, Astenposten, Oslo, Norway, 5 October 1994

Vocal Accord
The London Magazine, December 1994

De Grace Chantons!
Le Livre Essentiel, Marc de Smedt, Clès-Albin Michel, Paris 1995

Chant To Change Your Life
Interview with Suzy Greaves, Daily Mail, December 9 1996

Sounds Divine: The Voice That Heals
by Chris Newby, Devon-What's On, 1997

Hall inte
Interview with Magdalena Kvarning, Aftonbladet Hälsa, Sweden, January 11 1997

The Power of Group Chant
by Mireia Catane, Spirit Magazine, London Jun/Jul 1997

Finding The Voice Within
by Natalie Savona, Here's Health Magazine, Sept, 1997

Overtone Chanting
by Emily Hohler, Hot Tickets Magazine, Evening Standard, London, 9th April 1998

Enchantment, Rediscovering the magic of sound
Jill Purce interviewed by David Jay Brown in Magical Blend, USA, Issue 60, April 1998

by Reva Klein, TES Friday, Times Educational Supplement April 24 1998

Zdravilna Moc Zvoka
by Zdenka Petan, Aura, October 2003, Slovenia

Les Âmes Qui Chantent S'éveillent En Choeur
by Bobby Loevenstein, Nouvelles Clés, No 40, Winter 2003-2004

Une Humanité Que Ne Chante Plus Tombe Malade
by Patrice van Eersel, Tisseurs de Paix, pp 13-22, Editions de Rilié, 84220 Gordes, France 2005

Si L'Humanité Veut Guérir Elle Doit Se Remettre a` Chanter
by Patrice van Eersel, Canopée No 4, p 120, 2006 Nature et Découvertes, France 2006

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