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Discover and release your voice!

Learn to produce the ethereal and meditative vocal sounds of ancient Mongolian overtone-chanting: one of the most powerful tools for self healing and for healing others. As an international pioneer of sound and voice therapy, over four decades Jill has perfected a unique approach to literally re-enchanting health and abundance. Her weekend workshops and full week workshops provide essential grounding for professional healers, singers, non-singers or anyone who feels their throat or vocal expression is blocked or weakened.

  • Overtone chanting
  • Vocal purification
  • Transformative breathing
  • Vocal meditation
  • Mantras and sacred chants
  • Vocal yogas and dream work

Workshop Schedule
Because of covid-19 Jill is working online for now.

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Date Location Title Price
20220717 2022 July 15-17 7/15/2022 17:30 7/17/2022 22:30 Europe/London Online Family Constellation Workshop Sonorous Shamanic family constellations - Find the keys that set yourself, your family, and future generations free; transform clamorous ancestors into benign allies and powerful guides. 20 Willow Rd, London NW3 1TJ, UK Jill Purce MM/DD/YYYY a3sr4uy1vz0t02dwomyo1494 ONLINE Online Family Constellation Workshop £197 book on Eventbrite
20221016 2022 October 15-16 10/15/2022 17:30 10/16/2022 22:30 Europe/London Online Healing Voice Workshop Learn the ethereal and meditative vocal sounds of Ancient Mongolian Overtone Chanting, one of the most powerful tools for healing yourself and others. 20 Willow Rd, London NW3 1TJ, UK Jill Purce MM/DD/YYYY a3sr4uy1vz0t02dwomyo1494 ONLINE Online Healing Voice Workshop £147 book on Eventbrite
20220722 2022 July 22-27 07/22/2022 20:00 07/27/2022 12:00 America/Vancouver Healing Family & Ancestors - 5 Day workshop - Hollyhock Unique combination of family constellations, chant and ceremony. Healing inherited patterns laid down by earlier ancestral and family members. Finding the keys which set both us and future generations free of the unconscious compulsions caused by earlier traumas, injustices or separations between family members. This healing work often brings new and inspiring directions or gifts into peoples lives. Hollyhock, Cortes Island, BC, Canada Jill Purce MM/DD/YYYY a3sr4uy1vz0t02dwomyo1494 Canada Hollyhock, BC Healing Family & Ancestors — 5 day $675 CAD Register external.png


For online events, book through the Eventbrite links, or you may call or email me.

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