Testimonials on Healings as a Result of the Work

"First I want to thank you. Incredible as it may sound, I have completely recovered from my M.S. So how can I ever thank you?????? It's yet another confirmation of the importance of the work you do! My heart felt gratitude. I'd like to give you a gift in return. I think you're associated with a lot of people's healing, only it perhaps not as dramatic as mine. Always hard to gauge these things."
Ian, 2012
"I am in my 50's and have had congenital Nystagmus (involuntary and rapid movement of the eyes from side to side), since birth and there is no cure for it. After your week intensive in 1998, this condition stopped and has been totally cured ever since – it is now eleven years on."
Elizabeth, 2009
"I suffered from Anosmia and Ageusia (loss of sense of smell and taste). There is no cure for this and I had had it for eighteen months. The doctors told me it was permanent. I did a weekend workshop with you in 1987, the day after the workshop both sense of smell and taste returned and has been normal ever since- 22 years later."
Maggie, 2009
"A very, very belated thank you for your weekend workshop 8-9 June. You may remember my rather desperate plea for help as I have Parkinsons. As the weekend progressed I struggled to make sounds and thought this is all very fascinating but no use to me. And last week a neurologist agreed that I have the disorder called Essential Tremor. He was equally amazed, that of all the doctors in the country, Peter Bain was taking part in your workshop. I got home on the Monday I phoned a few friends who remarked that I 'sounded different'. I was aware my voice was suddenly stronger and when I called my sister she didn't recognise me and went on to say "but your voice isn't shaking". I have maintained the strength in my voice and feel so much more confident. If I have to make a difficult phone call I chant for a short time beforehand and sail through it. Hopefully I shall be able to come with my daughter Sue to another of your magic workshops. Until then, my heart-felt thanks to you for opening the door. PS. I bought my GP a copy of your Overtone Chanting tape. She is a singer and was thrilled."
"I came to you three years ago, suffering from repetitive strain injury, and attended a five week course in the summer, which I must say totally changed my life beyond recognition."
Janet, 1995

Childrens' Comments After Chanting With Jill

"I felt a solar system going around in my tummy."
7 year old
"I felt as if something was coming."
7 year old
"I felt I was in a magical world, where everything was beautiful, where there was a lot of silence, where everything was perfect, where nothing was broken and where there was no pollution and the flowers were very brightly coloured."
6 year old
"I saw a coconut, it broke open and a rainbow came out. " The first words of a 7 year old child who had not spoken a word the 6 months he had been at the school, we did not know how long he had been silent before that.
7 year old
After going home on Saturday night half way through the workshop with Jill, Annabel was playing Jill's CD in the kitchen. Barney her 6 year old, seemed frightened "what do you think this is Barney?" "I think its God" he replied.
6 year old

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