Healing Voice Workshops

For all people who have always wanted to use their voice but never dared, or who were told they could not sing, or even those who were told to stand at the back and "mouth" it.

For professional singers, musicians and voice experts, to enrich and extend their own work by integrating traditional methods and ideas behind the mystical and esoteric use of the voice, and by learning unusual and magical voice techniques.

For those who have found meditation difficult or unappealing.

For those wanting to harness the voice to experience a spiritual dimension beyond themselves.

For anyone who feels their throat or vocal expression is blocked or stunted, and with it their life and emotional expression.

For those who suspect there is more to sound than listening to recordings or concerts and being a passive amateur.

For everyone who simply longs for the opportunity to free and share their voice.

For professionals, therapists and healers who feel that sound and voice may be a powerful source of healing and transformation, both individually and for a world in crisis.

Healing Family & Ancestors Workshops

Family and Ancestral Healing for those who find find themselves doing things that don't make sense in the contexts of their own lives.

For those who feel they carry inherited burdens.

For those who feel a victim of circumstances

For those whose previous generations were caught in the conflicts of wars, famine, emigrations or racial injustices.

For those who want to be free of difficult forces coming to them from their family or ancestors.

For those who want to clear the field for themselves, other family members, as well as their children or descendants.

For those burdened by painful family circumstances.

For those wanting to transform difficult relationships.

For those wanting to help their children or partners trapped in the consequences of situations that might not be of their own making.

For those starting a new phase in their lives or beginning new relationships, marriages, children or families.

For those trying to clear away shadows cast by early deaths, family suicides, generational or family injustices.

For those wanting to enter and be embraced by potentially unwelcoming blended families.

For those wanting to transform family curses or low grade inherited irritations into powerful gifts and blessings for themselves, their family and posterity.

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