Jill Lecturing

Jill has given lectures and workshops in many countries around the world... at universities, colleges, conferences and festivals as well as a number of enclosed Christian Monastic Communities who sing Gregorian Chant, particularly Burnham Abbey and Fairacres.

She has also been invited by several hospitals and schools to explore the positive effect of vocal techniques for women in childbirth; at the Maudsley Hospital in London, with people suffering from Alzheimer's; at the Royal Free Hospital, London, with people suffering from mental disabilities; at Hawthorn School, with children suffering from physical disabilities; and with people suffering from ME.

Audio excerpts from a recent lecture

Lecture Schedule

A Selection of Previous Organizations, Conferences & Events

A rare joint appearance!
British Psychological Association Annual Conference
California Institute of Integral Studies
Chelsea College of Art
College of Psychic Studies
Dartington College of Art
English Shakespeare Company
Esalen Institute, California
Exeter University, Summer School for Teachers of the Arts
Father Bede's Ashram, India
Forum en Scène art festival, Holland
Guild of Pastoral Psychology
Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
Hollyhock Education Centre, Canada
Institute of Noetics Sciences, California, Annual Conference
International Conference on Education, Ireland
International Congress of Voice Teachers, London
International Festival of Story Telling
International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine
International Sound Healing Conferences
International Transpersonal Association Conferences
J.F.K University, California
Middlesex University
Music Masters and Mistresses Association Annual Conference
Mystics and Scientists Conferences
Naropa University, Colorado
New York Open Centre
Norwich University
Omega Institute
Open University
Rubin Museum, New York City
Scientific and Medical Network Conferences
Society for Analytical Psychology
State of the World Forum, San Francisco, with Mikhail Gorbachev
Synchronicity: Matter & Psyche Symposium, California
The Architectural Association, London
The Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
Theosophical Society, London
University of London, Kings College Biophysics Department
Waldzell Institute: Architects for the Future, Austria

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